Why Being Single (abroad) Rocks

The gist of this “single list” is that life is, from my experience, a lot more complicated when there’s someone else involved.

1 | You don’t have to be socially acceptable

You don’t have to worry about your morning breath, passing gas in bed or looking like a schlep on a Sunday (and being judged for it). You can even extend the 3-second rule to 10 seconds if you want. You clean that floor so you know if it’s a risk you’re willing to take. BOOM.

2 | Flirting, guilt free

See that sexy stranger smiling at you from across the room? Go get ‘em tiger!

Image Source: Bitstrips

Image Source: Bitstrips

3 | Do whatever you want

Feel like eating breakfast for dinner? Done. Offered an awesome job promotion in Timbuktu? Offer accepted. Murder She Wrote marathon? Yes, please.

Image Treat yo'self

Image Source: Quick Meme http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/356p4k

4 | Discovering how cool you are

It’s great getting to know someone, understand their quirks and learn more about what makes them, them. You know what’s cooler? Doing that with yourself.

5 | No obligations based on others

It is incredibly freeing to not be tethered to another individual’s obligations. The only obligations you have are the ones you choose to make. Don’t feel like going out? Don’t.

Image No obligations

6 | Be exotic

If you’re a world wandering single, like myself, then you’ve got the ‘exotic foreigner card’ to play. I encourage you do so.

Image Source: Someecards.com

7 | On that same note I’ve got three words for you – INTERNATIONAL. LOVE. AFFAIR.

‘nuff said.

Image Source: http://www.roscoff-quotidien.eu/celebrite-gerbault-33.jpg

Image Source: http://www.roscoff-quotidien.eu/celebrite-gerbault-33.jpg

8 | Freedom

Act as weird as you want at home without anyone to bear witness to it. Act as weird as you want in public without someone acting incredibly embarrassed by your behavior. It’s nice to not have to give a damn about whether or not someone else does.

9 | No checking in

There’s no one expecting you home by a certain hour and there’s no need to check your phone because you’re not concerned about checking in with anyone or anyone checking in with you. It makes it easier for me to focus on what I’m doing in the moment because I’m not thinking about someone somewhere else.

Image Source: flikr mark_mcguire

10 | Selfish- I’ve chosen to use the word ‘selfish’ but I don’t want anyone to think I’m insinuating anything negative by using this term.

Sprawl out and take up every last inch of your bed. Eat the last spoonful of ice cream. Use the hot water up by taking long showers. Do what you like in your own home, because it is all your own.

Image Source: http://madamemarlies.tumblr.com/

Image Source: http://madamemarlies.tumblr.com/

Where did this list come from?

It was just a month or so ago I realized that after 2+ years of being single, I genuinely love being single. When I first became single I made it a point to remain single for a while. I wanted to get to know myself again. My mistake, however, was that I seemed to think of being single as merely a phase – a phase I needed to go through before my next relationship. Being single, for me at least, is not a phase and I understand that now.

Being single is a lifestyle choice and it’s one I’m really proud to have made. It’s not as glamorous as many of my married friends seem to imagine, but I guess it’s like they say: “The grass is always greener on the other side.”

That being stated, the grass is pretty green over here in Singletown. :)

What perks have I failed to list?

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8 thoughts on “Why Being Single (abroad) Rocks

    • American Burd

      I’m happy you enjoyed it, Andrea. Thanks for reading. I think there was a lot more I could have added to it, but then again, there’s nothing wrong with simply listing the facts and keeping it short and sweet. xx

  1. The International Playboy on

    Being single means you dont have to be the same, you can keep growing and evolving unbound. You can bounce off lots of different people as you grow, you can love lots of different people and you cna be loved by lots of different people. But most of all you can be true to yourself and be who you really are. Not that there is anything wrong with being in a relationship and not that its always amazing being single, but as a race of himan beings, why cant we love people and be loved where and when we are needed as easily as we jump on and off of wifi hotspots when we need a connection!

    • American Burd

      Absolutely right, International Playboy! There’s nothing wrong with being in a relationship, but being single does allow for a lot of personal opportunities. I like how you noted the ability to be true to one’s self, which is one of the biggest advantages/benefits of being single. Thanks for reading!

  2. Love this too! You are my soul sister in thought processes. I PARTICULARLY loved #4 & 5. It gets harder, though, to compromise with other people…but I still choose single.
    My ma and pa got divorced after 33 years of marriage, and we SUCH nicer people when they lived alone. They’d had four kids (I suspect to distract them from the fact they were miserable) and finally, alone, they discovered themselves. My dad took up cooking, my mum was just, well – a really happy person.
    Neither re-married or had any desire to. My dad’s now 80, still cooks and loves his company. Many women have tried since my mum to tie him down and fuss over him, he gets very frustrated.

    “Once you know yourself Bex, you don’t need to worry about anyone else” he told me – and he’s right.

    • American Burd

      Thanks for the read, Bex. I’m happy you enjoyed it. I think your dad is very good with words, he’s absolutely right about the importance of knowing one’s self.

      • Meg on

        How did you save up enough cash to fund your traveling to Scotland and other countries? Should I apply at a job in say, Ireland, then spend just enough to go there for the interview (lodging, food, round trip ticket)? Help!

        • American Burd

          Hi Meg! I work remotely as I travel. I was fortunate to have a job with a monthly salary (small, but something, nonetheless) that just required I work anywhere I have an Internet connection. Out of curiosity, what is your nationality? That will make a huge impact on where you are even eligible to be employed. I know a lot of full-time travellers who work as travel bloggers or women who slow travel like me (spending a few months in each location) and are able to work short term work contracts. It all depends on your skills set and your passport.

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