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Love on the road is exciting. New people, cultures, accents and places to explore. A large part of travel happens on public transport, be it on a plane, train or bus.

Trans-Atlantic flights are always the longest stretch of a journey for me as an American. Seat selection is vital.

Questions you should ask yourself when selecting your airplane seat:

  1. How big is your bladder? Mine’s the size of a pea.
  2. How long is the flight and do you want to sleep on this flight?
  3. How important is it to you that you have space in front of your feet to store a carry on (such as your purse)?
  4. Are you willing to assist the crew during an evacuation of an aircraft (relevant to those in the exit aisle)?

LOVE + TRAVEL TIP | Find Love on an Airplane

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While I do love a window seat when flying into a local I’ve not been before, I usually choose the aisle. I’ve got a small bladder and feel awful when I have to ask the person sitting next me to let me out… hourly. Particularly, if they’re sleeping. I learned this lesson ages ago, so I’m an aisle girl (despite the fact that I find it easier to fall asleep when I’m able to lean against the window).

I love being able to access a carry-on whilst on board. I usually pack a small bag with essentials for a trans-Atlantic flight. From the ‘States to Europe you’re always going to be looking at a flight of at least 7-10 hours. A toothbrush and toothpaste, chapstick and facial wipes are nice to have handy at my feet. I’ve learned to sacrifice the convenience of storing them under the seat in front of me for extra leg room. I just try to ensure that the bag is towards the front of the overhead compartment so it’s easier to access when needed so I can claim an exit seat if it’s still available when I’m booking a ticket.


Sure, I’m tallish for a woman. The real reason, however, is because the odds are much higher that I’ll end up sitting next to a long-legged person – fingers crossed for a devilishly handsome man.

But that’s rude. There are tall people who need that seat.

All’s fair in love and war, sweethearts.

Let’s get real. Seats are selected or assigned on a first come, first serve basis. If I end up sitting next to a long-legged man, it’s a win-win situation for him and me as far as I’m concerned. We both get the extra leg room and the pleasure of each others’ company.

All you’re doing is applying a few extra filters when selecting a seat so that you can up your chance of sitting next to a tall, hunky man.

Personal anecdote | NASL LOVE + TRAVEL TIPS are tried and tested

During my last trans-Atlantic flight from Chicago to Stockholm, I had the pleasure of sitting next to a lovely Finnish man named Henry who was currently living in Stockholm (he was even travelling with a kitty cat – bonus points for him!). We did not have an exit seat. We were, however, sitting in an aisle with only two seats at the end of many aisles with three seats so while the exit seats had all been called for, this one particular aisle just happened to have some extra leg room – thus the reason why I chose it. The exit seats were already taken on this flight.

I even had an aisle seat – which I opted to trade him at his request. This allowed me to shamelessly curl up next to him after a lovely chat, a mediocre airplane dinner and a couple of glasses of wine.

Ahh… the joys of flirting whilst on the go.

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4 thoughts on “Love + Travel Tips | Love on an airplane

  1. Z on

    after a few lonely days before my flight back to the states (from liverpool) i managed to sit next to a cutie. i even spotted him while we were waiting for our flight and kept whispering to myself, “dear lady/lord, please let that man sit next to me on my flight.”

    and guess what?! that lady/lord answered my prayer :)

    lucky for him i was in the middle of “Women” by Bukowski and was squirming the whole time. i noticed him glancing over at the text in my book numerous times. and i always perched my book in an “invitation to read” sort of way. for anyone who’s ever read Bukowski – you will know that there are many, many steamy word and phrase opportunities to catch the wandering eyes of a seat neighbor.

    the great thing is: my handsome seat neighbor and i never spoke. not even small talk. the only words exchanged were the “excuse me”‘s when he needed to get up for a restroom break. our bodies spoke and our pheromones probably had their own romance going on. i may have let my head cross over the seat boundary a few times, and maybe i nudged his shoulder too, but i was asleep! or at least half-asleep…my squirms and my drowsy drifty cuddle attempts were my only vixen behaviors on that flight.

    and that flight ameliorated my loneliness (temporarily) and he was a reminder that humans don’t even have to touch or speak to have intense moments. his experience in that seat was most likely much different from mine – maybe he thought i was some crazy sex fiend, but i’ll never know for sure and i still get all warm and fuzzy inside just remembering those moments.

    thanks for the reminder American Burd.

    <3 z.

    • American Burd

      Awwww, I love that story and you’re absolutely right. You don’t have to touch or speak to have an intense ‘moment’ with another.

  2. What a fabulous tip for all the single ladies. Can I just point out that my hubby is 6 foot 2 and travels alone often, so if you sit next to him HANDS OFF! Giggle.

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