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It’s easy to fall into the romance of an international love affair. The only downside, and one many have encountered, is what happens when it’s over. Either you leave, they leave or you both leave – back to your respective homes, jobs and life.

A while ago, I wrote a post on how easy it is to stay in touch with our international love affairs in this networked world we live in. The only problem being that something is lost in translation… and often, the romance fades. I’m not totally pessimistic though. There are certainly long distance relationships that work and triumph despite the complications brought upon by distance, such as the love written about on the blog Love and London.

Not all of us have that fairy tale happy ending though.

Many things have been written about love, that it’s a journey’s end, blind, and has the ability to define and alter lives. Love can fade, be lost, unrequited or found… even if just for the night.

LOVE + TRAVEL TIP | Live and Love in the Moment

Live in the moment.

Love on the road is fleeting but life is short. Go on that date, dance in rain, kiss him – and do all of these things without looking to the future, without thinking about what’s going to happen tomorrow. Just do it. Love no matter how ephemeral can be an adventure. It’s not always about finding the love of your life – sometimes, it’s about the moment. Moment’s don’t last forever, so seize them while you can.

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  1. Morgan on

    Love on the road is always a worthwhile adventure, but I’ve learned to keep my eyes open for alcohol intake.

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