An Ode to Like-minded Women

It’s been another lovely week in Rome. Prior to my arrival here, I wrote about how it feels completely unreal until your “there”. Now I’m here and I feel the need to pinch myself every couple of days, just to make sure it’s not a dream. It’s not that Rome is a perfect city, or even one of the best places I’ve been, it’s just that when you are thousands of miles away from all of your friends and family, it makes you so much more aware of the sheer size of the world.

I’ve been working a lot more with Girl Gone International. Initially, I was just the Love and Sex editor for their magazine, but I’ve had the pleasure of editing and sourcing articles for other sections and I have to say, I’ve met a lot of really amazing women and have gotten to know many other women so much better. It’s really got me thinking about how nice it is to belong to a community with so many like-minded women.

Like-minded Women

I became involved with Girl Gone International because the spirit of it felt familiar to me. Sure, it’s a group of women and they like

Cavour © 2013 “Not A Scottish Lass”

Cavour © 2013 “Not A Scottish Lass”

to travel… but that’s not all we have in common. Some of us would trade almost anything for the opportunity to continue traveling and experiencing other cultures. I, myself, have sacrificed a lot in order to continue living this lifestyle, and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. Haha, more than anything, it’s nice to know I’m not crazy, or if I am, at least I’m not alone. 😉

There aren’t many people who leave the geographic region where I grew up. Many marry and start families at very young ages, they stay relatively close to home as that is where their families are based. I’m in no way criticizing this lifestyle; I’m only highlighting this because the path I’ve chosen is so completely different from those I grew up around.

It’s amazing how travel really opens your eyes to… everything. It’s so easy to generalize when the only experiences you have, come from one geographic area or cultural perspective. World travel has exposed me to viewpoints, languages, and cultures, I otherwise would have only been able to read about in books. It’s been really nice to get involved in a community of women who have similar experiences and know how much travel can change an individual. It’s not just my community at Girl Gone International, even just having this blog, reading other blogs, and “meeting” people on Twitter has been a really great experience.

Solo Travel & World Peace

Conclusion to Sex & the City © 2013 “Not A Scottish Lass”

Conclusion to Sex & the City © 2013 “Not A Scottish Lass”

I’m a solo traveler. My ex-fiancé was seemingly uninterested in traveling the world with me, and so I did it on my own. My friends haven’t come with either, between work and school schedules, travel often gets put to the wayside. I realized many years ago, that I couldn’t put international travel off to the side; it was too much a part of who I was, so I made it a part of my work and studies. The fact that I’ve been able to do this is really cool. I’m a lucky woman.

I do wish, however, that I could share some of these experiences with my loved ones. I feel they’d understand me a lot more. A part of me even thinks that if my ex had just gone on one international trip with me, he would magically understand me so much better, love world travel just as much as I do, and consequently, our wedding would have happened and we would still be a part of each others’ lives. Life is that simple right? One trip can change everything, right?

Well, why not?

I wish that everyone could have the opportunity and means to pick up and travel and spend time in another culture at least once in their life. I think we’d all get a long a lot better in this world if we had a better idea of where people are coming from, literally. Okay, so I understand that increased world travel will not actually bring about world peace, but it might bring us a few steps closer to understanding.




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