The Friend Ship: Sometimes It Sinks and Sometimes It Sails


Travelling again, this time to Chicago via train. Tomorrow I have an interview with the Italian Consulate and hopefully it will be a successful interview, i.e. they accept my application and I re-book my flight to Rome.

The last week has been an interesting one for me, for many reasons:

Olive © 2013 “Not A Scottish Lass”

Olive © 2013 “Not A Scottish Lass”

One week ago I returned from my parents’ home where I left my cats :( Yes, they are animals, but they’re also my babies and I miss them dearly.

I moved out of my apartment and left my belongings in a storage unit (albeit two bags).

I said goodbye to a lot of friends this past week and it’s this last part I’d like to focus on.

Sailing on the RMS Friend Ship

I’ve been truly blessed with the friendships I have; I couldn’t ask for better friends. This past week I have had to re-schedule and then cancel a flight, sort through all of my belongings and decide what to donate, giveaway, throw away, store, and pack, as well as tie up a ridiculous amount of loose ends, and battle non-stop issues with visas – and along every step of the way I have had wonderful friends bending over backwards to help.

I had one friend drive almost 600 miles just to come and help me pack; another re-arrange her entire week so that we could accomplish a long list of last minute tasks and taxi me everywhere; another helped me clean my apartment and take things to storage. Much of this help was unsolicited and every bit of it was greatly appreciated. Additionally, many went to a farewell night at my favorite pub for me and a few even came from out of town. Many of my friends went out of their way to arrange some last minute time with me, and that was wonderful. This week has been crazy, but I have never felt more fortunate, loved, or appreciated.

On the flip side, I also said goodbye to a friend this week.

The friend ship has sunk

When relationships end it often feels like a death occurred, and rightfully so, because something did die, a friendship. While I was surrounded by loved ones this week, I had the misfortune to learn that a friendship I have invested a lot in (perhaps far too much) had… died and while I had hit my limit with this friend many times, I still continued to (foolishly) run to her side whenever she beckoned me. Shame on me.

The Grand Tetons © 2013 “Not A Scottish Lass”

The Grand Tetons © 2013 “Not A Scottish Lass”

I think it’s leaving that really has me thinking of these things; when one knows they’re leaving they want to spend time with those closest to them, with those who choose to make them a priority. Leaving makes things a bit more clear, there are people you prioritize and others you do not. This realization was sad for me, but made me all the more thankful for the wonderful people I do have in my life. I’m grateful that there are so many important people that make me a priority. What a lucky girl I am.

I was originally supposed to leave for Italy almost a week ago and while I’m disappointed that my travel plans have gone so awry, I’m grateful that I had the chance to spend this time with some of my favorite people going for coffee, having sleepovers, watching guilty pleasures, and just generally enjoying each other’s presence. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been a basket case the past week or two, but honestly, at a certain point you let go and just let things happen. I’ll take all of these obstacles as a sign that I was supposed to spend a bit more time with my favorite people. I’ll get to Rome; maybe I’ll leave on Wednesday, Thursday, or next Tuesday…

Now, let’s get real

I have my appointment tomorrow, and I want that VISA. It’s been great having this extra time with friends, but I’m ready. I’ve said my goodbyes (twice now), am now…well, homeless, and am experiencing a form of limbo that feels a bit more intense than that I wrote of during my guest post for the Expat Hub. It’s time for me to go.

Although I’ve had some extreme moments of stress and more travel and visa woes than I’ve ever encountered in the past, I’m somewhat optimistic… or indifferent, it’s getting a bit hard to tell at this point. 😉






2 thoughts on “The Friend Ship: Sometimes It Sinks and Sometimes It Sails

  1. My boyfriend and I just moved to Scotland from Canada, and saying goodbye to our fur babies and friends was the hardest part about leaving. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog so far, and look forward to reading about your time in Italy.

    • American Burd

      Thank you very much, I’m happy you like it! Leaving my kitties was hard, but I couldn’t justify bringing them with until I’m more stable and know that I’ll be in a certain location on a more permanent basis. Right now my visa process for Italy is a nightmare, but I’m hoping to be there by next week. Thanks for the Twitter follow, I’m excited to read about more of your adventures.

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