Five Things I Love About My Adopted City of the Summer, Rome

I’ve only been here for two weeks, but what follows is a list of my five favorite things about my adopted city of Rome thus far. I’m sure the list will become more specific as time goes on, but here is a list based on my first impressions:


Roma © 2013 “Not A Scottish Lass”

Roma © 2013 “Not A Scottish Lass”

It seems that every where you look there are, at the very least, remnants of architectural wonders from Ancient Rome. Where Rome’s antiquity is not visible, the beauty of modern Roman architecture (save Fascist architecture) may be seen. Even in the neighborhood I’ve chosen to live in, far from the central areas of Rome, there are many picturesque homes and buildings.

Carbohydrates… will be the death of my waistline

On day four of living in Rome I got a gym membership and it was a wise decision for two reasons:

  • I’d prefer not to outgrow my clothing
  • The only English speaking employee at my gym is a dreamy Italian named Christiano, who has made me his personal responsibility during my workouts *sigh* I can only assume his interest is based on his eagerness to practice his English, but I could care less, it’s great motivation to go to the gym!

Italian cuisine is lovely in its simplicity. The homemade breads and pastas accented with tomato pastes and olive oil are absolutely divine (and filling), but far too accessible.


Cafe © 2013 “Not A Scottish Lass”

Cafe © 2013 “Not A Scottish Lass”

We have two thirty minute coffee breaks allotted during the day with an hour for lunch. I love everything about this; however, I’ve found my coffee breaks to be more than just a “break”. In Italy, or in my workplace at least, coffee breaks are still highly productive and although you didn’t
go to talk shop, you’re likely to run into a colleague in one of the four coffee shops in the building and be reminded of something you’ve needed to discuss with them.


I understand that bakery culture is one which exists everywhere in the

Bakery Deliciousness © 2013 “Not A Scottish Lass”

Bakery Deliciousness © 2013 “Not A Scottish Lass”

world, however, the area of the ‘States where I have been living for almost *gasp* five years, doesn’t really have one. Just down the street from my flat is a lovely little bakery open until 1 or 2 p.m. every day where I can purchase an array of lovely breads and pizzas, which rarely make it past my first coffee break of the day. Oh wait, is this overly redundant considering number two on my list? Oh well, it’s so good it
deserves at least two spots on this list.

Water Fountains

Drinking fountain © 2013 “Not A Scottish Lass”

Drinking fountain © 2013 “Not A Scottish Lass”

Oh, the water fountains… and I’m not just talking about beautiful ones such as the Fountain Trevi. I’m talking about the array of fountains, which may be found throughout the city, some of them ornamental, all of them safe to drink from. The Romans were skilled at many things; one of those things includes their sophisticated system of public access to water. Why buy an overpriced bottle of water when one can simply sip water from one of Rome’s many fountains?

In Reflection

After reading back through this list I noticed that four of these items are food & drink related… I regret nothing.

I’m new to this city and have much exploring to do, for those of you well-versed on the city of Rome, what are some things I should check out or places I should explore?




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