NASL Turns 1 | Finding Home Wherever You May Be

My first post was exactly one-year ago today. I didn’t intentionally post it on Valentines Day, that just happened. It was, admittedly, much more well written than many other posts of mine and reminded me of something very important:

I’m meant to be nowhere other than here.

It’s easy to get caught up with concerns over where we’re at in life, geographically, etc… and it’s not worth it. I woke up this morning wide awake at 6 a.m. (this is not at all normal for me) and I couldn’t go back to sleep because I was concerned that I wasn’t doing enough in life. Sometimes I wonder if I haven’t wasted too much time with one person, in school, on the move. However…

Today I am happy to report that right now, at this exact moment, I’m meant to be nowhere other than here. Full stop.

I mean it. In life, geographically, whatever. I am exactly where I’m meant to be and while there are days when I get frustrated with Scotland’s weather, my ridiculous dating life, or my work and research I’m happy with where life has taken me. Admittedly, it’s taken me to many places and through many things I never thought I’d experience, but I suppose that’s the sort of stuff that makes life worth living.

It was interesting to read through my first post and think of where I was one-year ago. I even re-read my “about” page and noticed a difference. I’ll need to be re-writing that sometime soon. When I started this blog, I was back in the ‘States planning my trip back. 12 months later and I’ve now been back in Scotland for 3.5 months. It’s amazing how quickly life happens.


My idea of what “home” is and how I know I’m there hasn’t changed, despite the fact that I’ve changed. Home isn’t where my family, friends, or things are.

Home is wherever I am and wherever I feel understood.

 I even got a tattoo of it, to remind me. Image Travel Tattoo home

I hope that wherever you are, it’s where you’re meant to be and that you’re “home” in your own sense of the word.

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2 thoughts on “NASL Turns 1 | Finding Home Wherever You May Be

  1. Love this! I can relate. I’m not sure where home is anymore, so it’s just going to be the place I create, no matter where I am.

    • American Burd

      I’m happy to hear someone is able to relate to it. It’s amazing how important the concept of ‘home’ really is – I like that yours is one you create. Thanks for reading!

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