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My favourite expat Aussie living in Croatia from the blog Chasing the Donkey nominated me for the Capture the Colour contest. I think she knew I needed a distraction from all of the visa issues I’ve been having. 😉

When selecting my photos for this contest I was tempted to pull photos from all of my adventures, but then thought different. In 2010 I went to Alexandria, Egypt for research and discovered an amazing and beautiful country. Unfortunately, my time there was short lived as Egypt was on the brink of a revolution. I’ve not shared these photos prior to this photo contest, but thought it was an appropriate time to honour the experiences I had whilst there. It was hard to select only one photo per colour but I’ve done my best to select photos that represent both the contest colours as well as the country, Misr.



Image Dahab, EgyptBedouin youth carry their light boat into the Red Sea in Dahab, Egypt

Dahab is located on the Southeast coast of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Water sports are popular here as the Red Sea is clean, clear and warm. Only a stone’s throw away from Saudi Arabia, these Bedouin youth are pictured heading out for a day of play in the sea.


Image fishing boat in Alexandria Egypt

A fisherman’s boat in the port of Alexandria, Egypt

Selecting a photo of the colour ‘blue’ in Alexandria is hard. Not because it’s lacking, but because it’s present everywhere from the letters on Sofitel Cecil Hotel to the sky and sea. Alexandria will always be my ‘blue’ city.



Image Nile agriculture in Cairo

Agriculture on the Nile River with Cairo looming in the background

There aren’t many places in Cairo where agriculture is visible, but the little bit that you can see is visible when crossing into the city located on the East bank of the river.



Image Fisherman on the Mediterranean Coast of Alexandria

A fisherman casts into the Mediterranean Sea at the Eastern Harbour of Qaitbay Citadel

There is little left of the ancient harbour of Alexandria, known for its famous lighthouse. The harbour of modern Alexandria is bustling with ships and fishermen. Catering to the many seafood restaurants in off the corniche.


Image Citadel of Qaitbay

White light shines through the ceiling of Qaitbay Citadel

The citadel’s complex is beautiful in it’s simplistic design. The fort is obviously no longer used as a fortress, but instead, a maritime museum and, on the occasion, displays local art.

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Have you been to Egypt? Did I capture the colours as you remember them?

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  1. Too, too kind about me girl! I love the red and yellow pics especially – so vibrant standing out of all that wonderful blue! :)

  2. Thank you so much for including me, and for such an awesome shout out!! Really gorgeous photos! The red is my absolute favorite!!

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