Back to blogging: An inexpensive alternative to therapy

After months of hiatus, I’m officially back to blogging. Since I last wrote, a lot has happened and, consequently, I’ve been a bit too busy to write.

  1. I moved back to the US and into the apartment from hell
  2. I got my kitties back!
  3. I’ve recently accepted a new job overseas and, pending paperwork and a residency visa, will be re-locating in the next month.
  4. I’m trying to finish my dissertation (thesis) and will *hopefully* defend it successfully and earn the title of “Dr.”
  5. I’m single again.

Since I've been gone


It’s been busy and while I haven’t had the smoothest transition, I’m doing surprisingly well. With a lot of crap behind me, there’s a lot of good going on. I’m optimistic for the future. You can look forward to more regular posts on my transition back to the US, breakups, breakdowns, and my upcoming move.

Stay tuned,

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