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In August 2012 I left Scotland with every intention to return. It wasn’t my first time in Scotland, but it was my best. I went to Scotland for research and I did, successfully, write and research – so much it became my intention to base my research in Scotland. My time in Scotland was more than just research though… it was a time of self discovery and reflection. I made amazing friends, struggled with my inner demons and came out on top.

My time in Scotland inspired this blog and have spent much time since August 2012 trying to find my way back and as many of you who follow this blog know, it hasn’t been without difficulties. After much struggle, I am proud to announce to my NASL readers that this non-Scottish lass, will be returning to Scotland in one week. For those of you who follow me on Facebook, this is no surprise, you’ve seen my announcement. For those of you who don’t, now you know! :)

Italy, Croatia, Scotland?

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I have written this post many times, trashing it every time. What part of this journey do I want to share? There are many facets to this story, varying from legal to personal. So for now I will just share the news that NASL is returning to the UK… in one week and I couldn’t be more excited to be able to focus on my research once more in context and get to spend time with some people very dear to my heart – you know who you are *Fiona and *Merida.

So stay tuned and eventually, once settled, I will return to my blog who has sadly been neglected and share my experiences and reflections on Italy, Croatia and returning to Scotland.

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