Introduction to the American Burd who writes it all

Live. Love. Travel.

While I’m someone who, by nature, enjoys and requires a lot of time alone, I was not prepared for how lonely I would feel as a single woman. In December 2011 I made a decision that changed my entire life, I broke up with my fiance whom I had been with for almost six years. It was the hardest thing I had ever done. Fortunately, life goes on and I have moved on. I’ve continued to travel (perhaps even a wee bit more), entered the dating world (kind of), and learned a lot about myself (we’re talking the good, the bad, and the unspeakable). At times it felt as if time was the only thing on my side; the more time passed, the stronger I grew. It was at this point I realized how much I had grown since my breakup and that these experiences (as painful as they were), were all part of the journey.

American Burd

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So, who is this crazy lady?

You can call me American Burd, nice to meet you! I’m currently working on my Ph.D and residing in the ‘States, but leave frequently for months at a time to visit friends while traveling for the sake of research, conferences, and meetings. I recently booked a one-way flight to Italy so will be relocating to Europe for Summer 2013 and to Scotland for… a while (I’ll be conducting my dissertation research). I love travel, red lipstick, my cats (I have two), and making rash decisions (and not in any particular order). So please join me and we’ll talk about traveling, love (both lost and found), and living life within and well outside our comfort zones.

Why is this blog titled “Not A Scottish Lass”?

Although no one has actually asked this question, I’d like to think a few would wonder.

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