Thirty by Thirty

In an attempt to avoid moaning and groaning too much about the state of limbo I’m currently in, I’ve decided to focus on the future. I will soon be turning 28, and while this doesn’t give me much time, what follows is a list of things I’d like to accomplish by age 30. I’ve seen this done on other blogs and liked the idea, so here’s my go at it.

  1. Come up with a theme for a regular column for both my personal blog and the Love & Sex section of Girl Gone International
  2. Finish my advanced open water scuba diving certification with PADI scuba
  3. Move to a foreign country on a more permanent basis (i.e. with no plans to return for a few years)
  4. Graduate
  5. Get a big girl job
  6. ItalianLearn Italian
  7. Start learning French
  8. Get back to my pre-Graduate School weight
  9. Date someone worthy of my love and affection
  10. Try my hand at vlogging
  11. Get another tattoo
  12. Travel to a new continent
  13. Write and successfully defend my dissertation
  14. Publish another scholarly article
  15. Get drunk on a beach (again)
  16. Go to Riot Fest
  17. Get my kitties back after completion of my research
  18. Establish a bi-weekly night of pub trivia with friends
  19. Get involved in a Girl Gone International city group if one is present
  20. Fall in lovegreece
  21. Plan a backpacking trip with one of my girlfriends
  22. Design and sew a piece of clothing
  23. Learn how to cook for one
  24. Start meal planning
  25. Develop a daily hair and makeup regimen
  26. Join a Pilates class
  27. Select at least two photos from my world travels and have them properly matted and framed
  28. Move to a new city
  29. Visit the Balkan States
  30. Take my mother to Greece so she can experience first-hand why I love that country


Now, what about you, what are some of your goals? Do any of them mirror mine?




2 thoughts on “Thirty by Thirty

  1. As someone who just turned 29, I can truly appreciate this list. You have some really great things listed. Good luck!!

    • American Burd

      Thanks for the comment! It was a fun list to make; I think it might be a bit ambitious but it’s good to have goals. I guess I’ve got quite a bit to do in the next two years!

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